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Design – Build

The partnership between SMP Design & SMP Construction offer a complete and highly integrated design-build process.

Together, we are your project partner from start to finish – that means from the initial idea sparks generated on paper to the last touch-up stroke of paint on a wall. We offer a “one stop shop” for our clients, allowing us to take responsibility for the quality of the delivery of the whole project. Close collaboration between designers & builders in an integrated team setting, greatly increases the quality & success of any construction project. The Designer & the Builder are on one team with a common purpose & streamlined direct communication – the primary recipe for success. This success is measured in projects that are delivered on time & on budget. Each project has a single point of contact, whose sole responsibility is to make it work for you.

We also believe that an integrated process is an efficient process. Not only do we keep an eye on your budget as we work through the design process, but we are able to actively plan and manage the construction phase from a very early stage in the project, working out site logistics, construction schedules, material lead-times & ultimately leading to more cost effective & synchronized experience for you. We carry this spirit into our own workplace, where we seek to pre-fabricate as much as is feasible for a project in a clean and controlled factory setting, meaning that items can be delivered to site ready to install with the surety of enhanced quality control.

We realize that most projects are once in a lifetime propositions for our clients, so they should be a exhilarating & rewarding experience!  We love to build what we design, so let’s explore how design-build makes sense for your project.

Below: Completed Staircase & Digital design model of custom oak stairway used for communicating design intent for fabrication in our wood-shop.


stair rendering

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