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                                                                                                                                         Link to Gateway to Uptown, $75 million, LEED Silver goal

             With LEED Accredited Professionals & extensive experience delivering
             SMP can take sustainability to the next level for your project LEED certification

“What are the benefits of incorporating sustainable design elements into my project?”

Usage of  less energy, water & natural resources.
Creation of less waste during construction & operation.
Reduction of resource & energy consumption & reduction of operational costs.
Creation of a healthier indoor environment, better air quality & thermal comfort.
Usage of materials that will not harm you or the environment.
Incorporation of spaces that maximize natural lighting & less reliance on electricity.
Compliance with more demanding building & energy codes.
Enhancement of resale value and marketability.

A sustainable building with lower operational costs makes economic sense

“Isn’t going green just a trend?”

No – sustainable design is responsible & good design practice with the following benefits:

Consumption of less resources to build.
Usage of less energy to run your building.
Nature performing the work of machines.
Creation of durable long-life structures.
Provision of comfortable & healthy indoor environments.
Crafting of spaces filled with natural light.
Treading lightly on the site for good land stewardship.

These are as much good & timeless design principles as they are green design principles.

“Doesn’t green cost more?”

Reduction of operational costs of an energy efficient home will offset slightly higher upfront costs over time.
Inefficient & antiquated systems are still typically included in new construction, such as water heater tanks,
that expend a lot of energy to maintain a large volume of hot water.
Sustainable design is good design that employs technology to reduce these operational costs.

Third-party certification through LEED for Homes & Commercial Buildings is the  benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.  Do you know that there are many economic incentives offered by federal, state & local governments? For example, the City of Cincinnati currently exempts property tax on a new LEED certified house for 12 – 15 years. Current Federal and State incentives include tax credits for making energy efficient choices.

SMP design will always look for sustainable opportunities in your project – that’s just good design practice. Often, these opportunities are competitive with the costs of following the status quo.

160410-nelson rendering


Image above: LEED Gold home currently under construction. A design-build project by SMP design & SMP construction. Link to Project

Image Below: Concept for a teaching greenhouse for a early childhood education center that has sustainability at the heart of its curriculum. The greenhouse utilizes low-tech construction techniques to allow the community to be part of its construction. The use of thick walls made of straw-bale construction provides a thermal heat-sink for a project driven by passive energy.





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